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Bansko apres ski

The magic of Bansko cuisine and après-ski




Except for being as renowned as the leading national choice for a ski holiday, Bansko bears the fame as one of the places in Bulgaria preferred for partying and celebration. In fact, that type of acclaim is going much more back in the history than the winter sports hype buzzing around for the last decade and so. Yes, the main incentive to embark for Bansko holidays stands for the wish to ride the snowy hills of Pirin Mountain – the most gorgeous by many accounts in the country of many gorgeous highlands, but the hidden agenda is nonetheless attractive.


With more than 70 km of pistes available for the Alpine skiing enjoyment, there is a lot to do and try at the time of daylight. But you know that during the winter the dark side prevails – not in the Star Wars context, actually. The night is longer than the sunny part and there is plenty of hours from sunset to sunrise. If you need a rest – then rest, but if you look for something more exciting – in Bulgaria Bansko happens to be among the tourist sites to offer a whole spectrum of diverse choices.


Taste the unique specialties in the tavern


It goes by the name “mehana” or “krachma”. In places dubbed like that you can find some of the most specific and at the same time most delicious dishes in the region. Every town in Pirin mountain area perhaps is proud of its own meals but not only in the footsteps of that hills range but as a whole in Bulgaria Bansko beats the competition. Guess it’s hard for a foreign visitor to pronounce those synonyms of “pub” mentioned up there and it wouldn’t be easier to say “Kapama” or “chomlek” too. Well, if you can’t speak at least remember it and taste it if you wish to relish on the local delights. While meat dishes outnumber the vegetarian in the list of specific cuisine recipes, there is something for everybody depending on the preference. Named after the town, Banski Starets is a highly popular choice but if you avoid food of animal origin, then why not order Kombari with kazhel? Wonder what the heck is this? Potatoes with sauerkraut cooked in a pot.


And the “mehana” type of restaurant can be counted by dozens on the streets of this small Bulgarian town. The names of the pubs are also hard to pronounce (lie Obetsanova, Bariakova, Vodenitsata, etc.) but easy to recognize by their outdoor outlook. While some of the pubs happen to be more expensive, if you look for more traditional dishes closer to the European cuisine, a three-course meal would rarely cost more than 10-15 GBP. The local beer in the tavern is priced less than two British pounds. More info about the fees and prices of Bansko holidays is available here.


24-hours of fun – go out at night after the run


Ask anyone who loves to hit the slopes in the day and hit the bars in the night about a preferable apres-ski destination and you will probably hear names like Zermatt, Chamonix or Kitzbuehel. But if the one you ask happened to choose ski holidays in Bansko, the chances that the best Bulgarian winter resort will be mentioned in the answer is huge. Well, you don’t even need to be a skier to join the party in the Pirin mountain town. It has been a destination for fun long before gaining an acclaim as one of the fastest growing winter sports centers. Bansko tops the list of preferences for 8th December party – the Students’ Day, celebrated like a carnival by all those studying for university degree… and by many that have graduated long ago.


Numerous places to go out till late can be named and most of the choices are available in the proximity to the biggest hotels and to do base station of Gondola lift. Starting with the Happy End club happens to be a pretty exciting option. A restaurant during the day that turns to be a real loud celebration after the sunset and almost till the sunrise. The young and wild vacationers lose their memory at the Amnesia disco club. Buddha Bar and No Name disco counter the traditional atmosphere brought by all the taverns in Bansko ski resort with their modern presence and focus on luxury. Clubs like Flash and Oxygen are also situated near the starting point of the cabin lift.


Look for exquisite deals in the greatest hotels


Eating and dancing lead the charts but there are more alternatives to spend your time pleasantly during the ski holidays in Bansko when you’re not on the slopes. Except for sliding there is a place for skating in the town. A Bowling arena welcomes the guests in hotel Strazhite. And the latter undoubtedly represents some of the best options to stay in during the hols.


5-star experience during the ski holidays in Bansko is guaranteed in lodgings of high repute like Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena or Amira Hotel. Places of top quality that compet with Regnum Bansko Aparthotel and Hotel Premier. Looking for a budget-oriented choice for accommodation? Then the 3-star Hotel Mura pops up on top of the search and represents a common name among the locals but Hotel Belmont and Apartments Grand Montana deserve the mention in the same category. Even if you decide to travel next Saturday, check for some late deals and you might be happily surprised by the availability of the options.


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