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The flavors of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country of high mountains and wide valleys. A land where East meets the West and it has been so for long, long ages. Bulgaria is a blend of colors and flavors with the power to enchant the unaware visitors with the mixture of different and seemingly unmixable ingredients. The state in the heart of the Balkans welcomes foreign travelers every season but they come to the country mostly for the summer holidays. And speaking of color and scenery, there are two towns – Sozopol and Nessebar, Bulgaria charms the travelers with when they choose to visit those places.


Both are located in the Bourgas region in the southern part of the Bulgarian coastline. Opting for Nessebar holidays the tourist have to take on a half-hour long drive to the north, while for Sozopol the direction is quite the opposite. The road to both towns is newly built and well maintained so the transfer from the Bourgas airport wouldn’t take long and it is included in the price if the visitor picks some of the Balkan Holidays deals for Nessebar holidays. The cost for accommodation is particularly tempting citing the hotels in Nessebar where a 4-star vacation might cost 450 GBP per person for the whole week in the high season. The later the booking is made, the higher is the price for it – this rule applies to Sozopol and Nessebar too.


Two towns on the area of one


What makes these two small towns so lovely is the blend of old times romantics and modern day convenience. Embarking on holidays to Nessebar, Bulgaria the traveler might reside in a luxurious suite in a hotel built by the highest standards five or ten years ago. And only a few steps away one might trace the scent of the Antiquity reaching for the Old Town – a UNESCO World Heritage site. Sozopol also charms the guests with the ancient quarter of cobbled-stones streets – a walk around might make everyone to forget what year are we now. And the modern area is on a walking distance.


Anyway, Nessebar holidays are considered to be a slightly better option regarding the beach enjoyment. There are two main sand strips in the town located north of Bourgas, the southern is wide enough for anyone to find a place for a towel, and there are plenty of sunbeds there that cost approximately 3 GBP per day (and 3 more for the parasol). Both beaches are accessible for five minutes walk from the main hotels in Nessebar. Sozopol has in-town sand strip too but it is much narrower and shorter – that’s why it becomes crowded faster. Actually, the greatest beaches are situated outside of this southern Bulgarian town so a ride by bus, or car, or taxi will serve the traveler.


The color is in the culture too


As both towns have been populated from the Age of Antiquity it is expected that in the face of Sozopol and Nessebar Bulgaria has some of its most favorite historical sites. A century back in time these places were nothing more than small fishermen villages but the ever-increasing flow of tourists brought much more fame and it didn’t come only because of the Old Towns, or the fresh fish, or the Black Sea.


Of course, the sea is the main reason, but the cultural events make the Nessebar holidays even more colorful. For example, more than 2000 children, mainly from Eastern Europe, gathered for the annual festival called “Sun, joy, beauty”. Numerous events happen in this place all summer long and let’s not forget to mention that it is only five minutes away from the party-oriented Sunny Beach. Sozopol, on the other hand, bears a lot of the old-school rock’n’roll flavor and is famous for the early-September fest known as “Apolonia” named after the Ancient Greek god.


It is up to the traveler to explore Sozopol or Nessebar, Bulgaria is not a huge country so both places might be visited during the summer holidays. The foreign visitor might make a pick among the list of hotels in Nessebar and to go for a different flavor for a one-day trip to the south. Both towns are not more than one hour apart but the main city – Bourgas, has to be used as a transportation hub since it is hard to find a bus driving from one place to the other.

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