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Summer Season 2018 at Sunny Beach is almost here! Are you ready?

Sunny Beach 2018 – An ultimate guide [updated]

Sunny Beach 2018 – An ultimate guide [NEW]

Start of Season 2018 Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Still wondering where is your next destination? This guide will give all the answers!

Being one of the most famed resort on the whole Black Sea coastline – or maybe even THE most popular recently, in the name of Sunny Beach Bulgaria has a place that happens to be a common word for many people in Europe, and for vacationers from the UK. Located in what could be considered the Goldilocks zone of Bulgarian seashore (which sums to less than 400 km in total), Slanchev Bryag as it called in its native language attracts increasing number of tourists every year and there is more than one reason to be preferred more and more season after season.


Sunny Beach weather, the gorgeous scenery and the fine sands across the salty calm water turned the venue into a magnet long ago. But for decades the resort was visited mainly by guests from Eastern European block since Bulgaria rotated in the orbit of the Soviet Union. And while the popularity among Russians and Ukrainians didn’t wane after the political circumstances changed (the same somewhat applies to people from the Czech Republic, for example), in the last quarter-century thanks to companies like Balkan Holidays that summer holidays village gained a huge acclaim growing up ever since.

The greatest choice in terms of value for the money


Thanks to Sunny Beach Bulgaria holds the pole position on a world level. It’s not a joke, not at all – the No1 spot in the Post Office rankings of the places on the sea that give you the best ratio of quality for the price paid belongs to Slanchev Bryag. The affordability represents undoubtedly the main reason for the upward movement of the top Bulgarian saltwater resort in the international charts. While not as glamorous like French Riviera and Balearic islands, it’s significantly cheaper than the most prominent spots in Western Europe and even the average villages, towns and camps in Italy or Greece would cost more.

sunny beach bulgaria 2018 is the most valuable resort on the black sea

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Sunny Beach hotels are available to be booked for fees in the range of 250 GBP for a week and this only one example that the Bulgarian sea pearl will deliver more than you pay for. With an average daily expense of fewer than 25 pounds per person, it’s no wonder that Slanchev Bryag beat the competition on the survey performed by Post Office that covered 42 resorts all around the world.


5-mile long beach – and your room right next to it


If Sunny Beach wins the battle for being your summer choice, you will book a flight to Burgas – the biggest city in proximity to the resort that has a regularly active airport. The planes happen to be busier there between May and September and the main reason for this stands 35 km to the North. With Balkan Holidays it isn’t a tough task to get your ticket for the airplane to the main air transportation venue on the Southern Bulgarian coastline – flights from a big number of British airfields take off to get there in the hot months.


Coming from Varna will take more to ride on land but that will pay off with the view. The scenery of Sunny Beach is on display when reaching it out from North and the journey will give you the chance to see the beautiful site from uphill. Riding down from the easternmost heights on the Balkans will bring up to you that postcard image of the 8 km long beach that you might have already fallen in love with getting to know about the Bulgarian sea pearl. What is even more tempting than the view is the option to book a room standing only steps away from the sand. And in the list of Balkan Holidays 2018 offers some exquisite deals are available but don’t wait too long if you have found the suite you like.


The Sunny Beach weather adds perfectly to the fine sands for a great holiday on the coast. The average temperature expectedly reaches the highest level in July – about 24-25 degrees, but the Celsius scale goes above 20 from mid-May to late September. While it would hardly beat the Mediterranean venues in terms if the season longevity, the top Bulgarian sea resort welcomes guests and provides favorable conditions for a quite nice summer vacation for one-third of the year. Strong winds and high waves occur from time to time but not that often to ruin week-long holidays. And even if the sea happens to be unsafe, a big number of the hotels in Sunny Beach have a pool installed within their area so the guests wouldn’t be short of an alternative to spend their time.


From the beach… to the club… to the beach

Sunny Beach 2018 - nightlife, low cost holidays, everything on point

Sunny Beach welcomes lots of popular DJs during the summer season. Are you ready for the next jam?

Because of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria occurs to be an increasingly preferable choice for the round-the-clock vacationers who love both the beach and the bars. Yes, the crowd goes wild during the dark hours since there is plenty to go around in the village. Well, the fun is centered on the boulevard where the most of the street bars and discos are located. The sidewalks are full of people till late in the night and so are the restaurants and the bars but in Sunny Beach, you will find a place to have fun. Even the sea still stands as an option for the night – the cruises after sunset can surprise and bring you a wonderful experience.


Surely, some prefer the night buzz and do not care so much about the Sunny Beach weather. The place gained lots of fame – and not always for the good reason, with the endless parties and the cheap drinks. But those who point out only to the debauchery that sometimes really happen, also compare it to the fun of Ibiza but much more affordable.


And it doesn’t mean that in the name of Sunny Beach Bulgaria cannot offer anything for a family vacation. Plenty of enjoyment is there for the kids to have fun – several Aquaparks work in the area of the complex and lots of fun is out there for the parents and their offspring. Don’t be so worried about the loud surroundings – the noise does not spread all around so much and booking at Sunny Beach hotels do not exclude the option to have a peaceful stay. Make sure when you search through the Balkan Holidays deals to find the suitable family pack if you look for such type of holidays.


Around the Sun(ny Beach) and back


Due to the location of Sunny Beach Bulgaria has the hottest spot in the area during the summer. Plenty to go around and see with no more than an hour trip from the main resort. The way all the area was developed recently made Sunny Beach almost merge with Nessebar – one of the most picturesque and beautiful settlements on the Bulgarian coastline, UNESCO cultural heritage site regarding the ancient part of the town. Burgas isn’t far away too and the bigger city offers a variety of choices to spend your time pleasantly, both during the day and during the night. Even the mountain isn’t far away if you look for a greater diversity.


But wherever you go, heading back to Slanchev Bryag still serves as the main agenda. And it does so for many people who have already been there. That’s why in case of Sunny Beach Bulgaria hotels start to prepare early for the summer. It wouldn’t harm you too to get ready earlier for the wonderful holidays in June or August and Balkan Holidays is the tour operator to lead you in the right direction of your adventure.


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