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family ski vacation in pamporovo bulgaria

Pamporovo Ski Resort 2018: The benefits of the winter break

You can sing the name of the place. Pamporovo – don’t you hear the drums and the chants? You can spend all week long on the slopes of Rhodopes Mountain and enjoy every minute there under the sun. And in the end, you can leave taking the benefits in every aspect of the winter break. All you need is present at or around the Pamporovo ski map. What would look for during the vacation in the cold season? The affordable accommodation offers by Balkan Holidays tops the list but what other ingredients would work to feel happy. You need plenty of snow on the slopes and sun to make your days bright in the gorgeous environment of the mountain. The excellent service and the delicious cuisine will make you feel nice. You need a rest after the “hard work” on skis, but a little bit of fun in the late hours once in a while would add to the joy of the holiday. Everything mentioned is there for grabs in Pamporovo, Bulgaria – reach out and take it.

Pamporovo Bulgaria

The early birds sing merrily

pamporovo, bulgariaIt shouldn’t be a secret to you that booking the vacation well up in advance comes up with rewards. The price is lower if you reserve a room for the January stay as early as September. This season the discount for the “early birds” at Pamporovo ski resort reached up to 15 percent, and thousands of travelers took these benefits. More than 1.7 million foreign tourists are expected to visit the country during the winter and probably more than half of that number head to the mountains. On the other hand, local people make for more than two-thirds of the visitors. Pamporovo ski map will be busy from early December up to mid-March considering the pre-season calculations.

It’s not hard to find the explanation of the increasing demand for the area set in the heart of the “Mountain with a soul” – the Rhodopes. The early bookings with the cost below 250 GBP per person in Pamporovo ski resort for the whole pull like a magnet the attention of those who need budget solutions. Mind that the cheapest deals in the list provided by Balkan Holidays apply for the self-catering type accommodation. So, you need to bring the food with you and cook yourself which is not the perfect idea for the vacation. Or you have to pay for every snack and every slice of bread which might turn out to cost more than the half board or even options in Pamporovo, Bulgaria. The best value might come with a deal like this – 4-star accommodation of the Bed & Breakfast type for a little more than 300 GBP. Check these picks HERE while they are still applicable around the Pamporovo ski map.

Speaking of benefits, you need to know about the downsides too. No, there is no hidden catch in the price tag – it’s all clear. You just need to match your dates, the airport of departure and the hotels set in the area of Pamporovo ski map to suit your demands. The downside is the distance from the airport of arrival. Most of the Pamporovo skiing deals are linked with flights to Sofia which is 230 km away from the resort. The transfer takes three hours at best, and in most of the cases lasts longer. There is an airport closer to the Rhodopes ski zone – Plovdiv, but it operates only a few flights in a day. There might be charters landing from the United Kingdom, but the price might eradicate the budget plans.


Lift pass for two ski zones flags one of the greatest benefits

pamporovo ski resort 2018 offersTravelers who have visited the mountains in Slovenia previously, and eventually come to Bulgaria, ask the following question: “Why there is no ski card covering all of the main resorts or at least two of them?” In Slovenia, for example, you pay once for the lift pass, and with it, the runs are open for you at Kranjska Gora, Vogel, Bled and practically the whole region of the Julian Alps. Well, a similar opportunity is available in recent years in Bulgaria too. The purchase of Pamporovo skiing pass grants the right to use the lift and the pistes of Mechi Chal resort.

Both areas for winter sports are situated closely, and it takes not more than 15 minutes by a shuttle bus to reach one place to another. The expansion of the Pamporovo ski map is underway and in five years both ski zones might be connected by lifts, drags and even ski routes. What would look like the winter mega-resort is an answer to know in the future. But the price of one lift pass for two snow sports zone is an available option now. If booked in advance which means before December comes to terms, you can have for less than 110 GBP for six days. It’s 18 quid per day for two skiing areas, and this undoubtedly stands as one of the primary benefits concerning the Pamporovo ski resort holiday.

The deal might get even better in the case of picking the Full-Ski pack or the Full-Snowboard pack present in the list of Balkan Holidays choices. It includes not only the lifts at Pamporovo, Bulgaria but also the equipment hire (if you would like to avoid traveling with tons of luggage) and the ski lessons. In the high season, it costs less than 200 GBP if pre-booked. Joining the local winter sports schools is not mandatory, but it will bring benefits too if you are a rookie or a low-experienced racer.

A place is perfect for family vacations

free child places by balkan holidaysYou might not enlist for tuition, but your kids (or kids) probably need it, especially if it is the first time together for the winter break like this. Bulgaria is not ranked high concerning all aspects of the ski teaching. For the beginners anyway it is convenient to make their first runs around the Pamporovo ski map. More than 60 percent of the tracks are of the Green or Blue type – plenty of space for the newbies and less experienced skiers and snowboarders. The children will love to take their first lesson in the stunning environment of the Rhodopes. The parents can enjoy the race on a higher speed leaving the offspring to the care of the ski-kindergarten or the Junior Ski Club. One more significant benefit to be added on the list of options available at Pamporovo ski resort.

The magnificent nature and the calm environment make the place look like the perfect choice for a family vacation. There is a chance anyway that you have across some news article saying the story of more than 3 thousand college kids invading the area of Pamporovo ski map. It is a true story, but the buzz will last only one weekend – 8-9 December. The Students’ Day is celebrated then, and most of the famous resorts in Bulgaria become flooded. And the young crowd goes wild without caring too much about winter sports. That’s why usually the kick-off of the ski season is scheduled the week after that. Well, last year there was no official opening of the campaign in the Pamporovo skiing zone – it just started once the snow was there.


The sun shines all winter brightly

Is it really a benefit having sunny weather in a mountain resort? If the sky is clear, wouldn’t it make the snow melt faster? Mind the altitude – all Pamporovo ski map is set higher than 1500 m above the sea level, so the temperature is low enough even if there is not a single cloud in the air. More than 200 snow cannons are installed near the slopes to provide with the artificial “powder” if the natural snowfall appears to be scarce. But it rarely happens to miss the snow.

Usually, the hills and respectively the tracks appear all white for more than three months. Last season the skiers and snowboarders were luckier than that because the campaign ended around Easter in the middle of April. You cannot count on that every year, but the conditions at Pamporovo skiing zone are favorable enough from December till mid-March in a typical winter.

Embrace the soul of the mountain

rhodopes mountain near pamporovoThe local people say Rhodopes is a magical area. They claim that the mountain has a soul and you can feel it if you try to connect to it. This one might sound a little too lyrical, but it is true that many visitors fall in love with the place forever. Pamporovo ski map is set right at the heart of the range and has links with other exciting and fascinating sites. Hiking in Rhodopes is possible even during the winter, but you have to be equipped with boots or tracking shoes, dress warmly and never do it on your own. If you feel the urge to wander around – join a group. Going alone in the mountain during the winter might be dangerous. And instead of making up chants about Pamporovo, Bulgaria, better listen to the folklore music of the region – one last unexpected benefit.

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