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January 2018 is knocking on the door and Pamporovo hotels are soon to be all packed up

Year after year Bulgarian ski resorts grows in popularity among foreign tourists. And while it’s not really a headline statement that British guests know and love Bansko, more surprising and interesting is the news coming from Pamporovo. The Rhodopes mountain complex attract an increasing number of Russian visitors and so far the accommodation stats overall show a 10 percent rise regarding the houses and inns reserved. Most of the Pamporovo hotels have no vacancy for the fortnight including Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Pamporovo Hotels

So if you wish to relish on a wonderful vacation there, don’t wait till the last moment and pick your place in advance – for the holiday celebrated on 25th December and known as Koleda in Bulgaria, there are still available choices. Some of the best hotels in Pamporovo are to be found by Balkan Holidays but will not be available for a long period. Luxury enjoyment is the promise from the 5-star Villa Arfa with a deal worth just above 2000 GBP for a week-long vacation of a couple. Looking for a budget limited proposition among Pamporovo hotels? Well, below 500 GBP per person for 7 days in the 4-star Hotel Belmont Ski & Spa including Christmas is the second best after a gift. But wouldn’t it be a nice present for a beloved one?

The real action on the slopes is expected in the first weeks of 2018 and it’s really hard to book a room in Pamporovo ski resort hotel during January. The winter centre combining two zones – the eponymous and nearby Mechi Chal, is a magnet for thousands of Bulgarian skiers and snowboarders too. Several low-cost options might be on the list of the upper bar of your budget doesn’t have to go above 30 Euro per person for a night but have in mind that the quality is going down on the rank and some of these sites are more distant from the main ski zones and lifts.

4-star inns are the options to grab

And when you search for satisfying conditions among Pamporovo hotels, there is no big difference between the two categories coming after the most luxurious. The second best level cost more but the margin is not significant – a vacation for the week inside the 4-star Hotel Pamporovo for a couple amounts to a sum like 700 GBP starting from the last Saturday of January. Some of the 3-star choices in February are in the same price range and the interest increases with the snow already falling down.

The hotels in Pamporovo with all-stars available are also on demand more than before. One offer deserving to be recommended is the 7-days stay at the Hotel Orlovetz in February for a 15 percent discount – in this case, the expense for accommodation in a twin room with the option of adding extra bad will be below 1000 GBP.

Even if the Rhodopes mountain resort isn’t close to the capital, the demand is huge since there are lots of charter flights to Plovdiv airport, especially planes flying from the United Kingdom. The ambience surrounding the resort is marvellous and the guests of Pamporovo hotels have the chance to enjoy a wonderful vacation in the embrace of the gorgeous mountain.

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