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How to pack your life into a Carry-on for Nessebar

Carrying the heavy bags for one week vacation during the summer isn’t something inevitable. Actually, the number of light travelers grows substantially in the recent years for a variety of reason – skipping the luggage charges on the flights, easier and faster transfers from one place to another, enjoying more flexible holidays as a whole. One might think that destination such as Nessebar, Bulgaria doesn’t fit in the concept but let’s take a more detailed look at the idea.


But before that – does it need to be a Carry-on travel?


No, you choose the way that makes you feel more comfortable. In that particular case, the hold luggage doesn’t cost that much – checking the list of options among the Nessebar hotels is enough to see that a 20 kilos bag is included in the deal and the overall price still looks quite affordable. So if you can’t decide which of the 5 pair of shoes to throw away when packing for the vacation, if you can’t miss any dress or Hawaiian shirt hanging in the wardrobe – don’t worry about the money. Nessebar holidays wouldn’t bring that much weight on the budget if saving every penny is important when planning the summer break.


It’s not a matter of excess or conceit to put a heavier bag on the plane, some would argue and with a reason. For example, if picking in Bulgaria Nessebar as the resort for the family vacation turns out to be your agenda, a backpack or even several backpacks (one for each family member) might not be sufficient to hold all the stuff that might be in need of during the holidays. But even then one or two items of hold luggage might do the job and everything considered more necessary might be in the Carry-on package when embarking on holidays to Nessebar, Bulgaria.


Well, not everything regarded as needful is allowed in the hand luggage. Being an experienced traveler you ought to know that scissors, knives, pins or any other sharp objects will not make it to the plane. Things like that will be confiscated by the airport security and the same rule applies to the liquids above a strict size. No safety regulation will be missed before and during your flight to Nessebar, Bulgaria. So packing-up the Carry-on needs to be smart, to include stuff of necessity without breaking any rules. Umbrellas, canes, and kids strollers are generally allowed on board, wheelchairs – undoubtedly, yes!


What else to put in the cabin luggage?


Depending on the type of bag you bring for the travel for Nessebar holidays. It might be a small suitcase or a backpack. Generally, they reach some certain volume and weight limit. You have probably guessed that bringing a big number of clothes with you would not be possible in the Carry-on package – two pairs of pants, two or three pairs of shorts, two pairs of shoes, perhaps a pair of thongs for the feet, several shirts, a half-dozen items of underwear and socks, swimsuit or swim brief, maybe a jacket if the nights happen to be colder. Be as compact as possible and have in mind that hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria provide the laundry options so you don’t have to carry dirty clothes back home.


Medicine items are generally allowed but you need to be more specific so ask your tour operator – choosing Balkan Holidays, for instance, will help you have a clear view of what’s permitted on board and what is not. If you are on some kind of prescribed drugs it’s more probable to be allowed to bring it on the plane.


“Can I take the camera with me for Nessebar holidays?”


Sure! You not only can but you should bring a camera with you for the trip to the most picturesque resort on the Bulgarian coastline. Photographic devices, laptops, and other electronic devices pass beyond the ban of objects. Actually, if you have ever flown before, you surely know that. A camera is allowed and will need it – in Bulgaria, Nessebar undoubtedly represents one of the most attractive tourist sites, not only on the Black Sea. The beach itself is beautiful enough for pictures but what brought an international fame to the resort is the Old Town. Included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage, the ancient area is the one that is about to catch the eye when considering to go to holidays in Nessebar, Bulgaria. A lot is there on a display to be seen and shot – the remains of the Medieval fortress, old churches, some of which still stand as solid buildings, 19th Century typical Bulgarian or Balkan houses.


And please – bring no food! It will be probably thrown away at the airport and indeed despite some snack you don’t need it. Most of the Nessebar hotels provide the all-inclusive type of accommodation – three meals are granted every day with no limitation of the number of dishes consumed. The half-board kind of reservation is cheaper but then you will a breakfast only. Not a bad choice though if your agenda during the Nessebar holidays is to be more flexible and to travel around extensively. The town will charm you with a great number of restaurants and taverns providing an all-around spectrum of meals. Tasting some specialties of the local cuisine or picking a meal that is more familiar to your preferences – whatever you like it.


Book a flight to the airport of Bourgas


Well, the light traveling means you have to choose a place to land located near the resort where the suit or the room has been reserved. In Bulgaria, Nessebar is in the Bourgas area – the transfer after the plane is on the ground takes about a half-hour. Sofia and Varna airports provide with regular flights too but are situated much further away from the resort. Yes, you will travel with only a backpack or a small suitcase but it will weigh on you if the transfer takes longer.


Nessebar – beautiful and welcoming city that is ready to host you for the Summer holidays 2018!

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