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One perfect day of your holiday in Golden Sands

What a perfect holiday would look like? While the description will probably vary from person to person, there will be common elements to unite all or most of the answers. Everyone wants to feel relaxed, to have a rest and enjoy a good meal, to put aside all the headache and turmoil of the daily routine. So maybe you don’t have to have to have a daily routine at all and go with the flow every second of your vacation. If you wonder is it possible to spend such a wonderful day – or a wonderful week – at Golden Sands, Bulgaria, let us check the options for this resort.


Enjoy one of the pearls on the Black Sea

traveling to bulgaria 2018Beyond any doubt, this place has what it takes to bring you great emotions during the summer break. Choosing Golden Sands, Bulgaria holidays you have to know that this is one of the premium destinations on the whole Black Sea coastline. And in addition to the great beach, the accommodation is quite affordable for a week-long stay. Whatever Golden Sands hotel you choose to pick from the list, you will hardly regret it. There is something for everyone on the menu. The people who look for a budget-oriented reservation will find costing less than 300 GBP per person for 7 days in a 3-star Golden Sands hotel. Luxury is not a missing feature in Zlatni Pyasatsi, as it is called in the native language, and the price of the top category is much more affordable compared to 5-star rooms in other resorts.


Even the perfect accommodation will not be enough if the surrounding area fails to meet the expectation. This is not the case here. Running back and forth the coastline of Bulgaria, Golden Sands definitely stands out with one of the greatest beaches in the country. The resort has called this way for a pretty good reason. The seaside strip is long and wide, there is a plenty of room to throw your towel on – if you don’t want to pay for the sunbed and the parasol. For more than a quarter of the year, the weather is favorable in Golden Sands, Bulgaria (excluding the surprisingly rainy July 2018 – it has gone now) and the temperatures of both air and water might rise over 25 degrees. Anyway, at noon you better hide in the shadows to avoid…


Wait! Let’s start with the morning


One of the things you prefer to avoid during the vacation is waking up early in the morning. It will be probably the same in the time for your Golden Sands, Bulgaria holidays. You will love to sleep more for a day or two but then you might realize that you miss precious hours on the beach. So, a perfect day should start not too early but also not too late. Getting up around 8 or 8.30 AM is alright, you can have a breakfast at your Golden Sands hotel or you can skip it to head straight to the beach. It’s really nice to be among the first people to take place near the sea but if you can’t make it before 8 o’clock, 9 or 9.30 is definitely not too late. You have at least two or even three hours to swim and sunbath but don’t ruin the day staying too long. It is recommended to avoid the heat and the sunlight between 12 and 4 PM.


So what can you do when it’s too hot

bulgaria-in-the-summerOne option is to crash in some of the seaside restaurants to have a lunch with a pint of beer. If you hit the beach earlier, have a meal and take a nap. Assuming that you are not the type of person to sleep during the day what else can you do? Why don’t you take a walk around in the natural park that embraces the beach resort and bears the same name? That’s right – in Bulgaria, Golden Sands was first used to call the forest next to the beach and it has much larger territory than the resort. You can easily spend 2-3 hours there, more ambitious tourists can even reach the top of the hill to enjoy the dazzling from up above.

Traveling around is also a wonderful opportunity. For a half hour to the south, you will reach Varna, the biggest city on the Bulgarian coastline. Visiting the Dolphinarium will bring a lot of fun, especially if you go there with the kids. For a half hour to the north, you will reach the small town of Balchik prominent with its botanic garden and a real royal palace.

Taking on longer distance is an option too but you need to dedicate a whole visiting the Danube river or the town of Nessebar, located south of the Balkan mountain. The short courses make it possible to get back for a second time on the beach in the late afternoon – the favorite time on the beach for many people who visit Golden Sands, Bulgaria on a regular basis. The water is warm, the beach is not crowded and it definitely refreshing to swim before dinner. On the other hand, if you book Golden Sands holidays for a family trip, the children will enjoy spending the afternoon at some of the aquaparks in the area.


Then comes the time to treat yourself on a great meal

You can have it in your Golden Sands hotel if you are on an all-inclusive accommodation but have in mind that there are many great restaurants and taverns around. Looking for a fish and seafood, a place like Danton or Morski Drakon (Sea Dragon) top the list. Gerana and Karakaxhanski Stan are dedicated more to the traditional Bulgarian food. Of course, you can always have a Chinese meal or grill kebabs. The food is delicious and the view of the sea at evening is dazzling. And the prices won’t make you dizzy, don’t worry about that – a couple can have a dinner with tasty dishes and a bottle of good wine for about 30-40 GBP.


What way will the perfect day end depend on the profile of your holiday? You can jam the night out in Golden Sands, Bulgaria if you want to – Sunny Beach is not the only party destination on the Black Sea. A family will go to sleep. A couple might choose to end the perfect day in a romantic fashion. The schedule, actually, does not matter that much. The most important thing you need for a great day during the summer vacation is joy and happiness. Golden Sands, Bulgaria can give it to you.

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