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Bulgaria – the land of four seasons for vacation

Seriously, it’s like visiting four different countries but actually, it’s the same land every time of the year. Well, actually if the agenda happens to be the summer break then considering the travel for cheap holidays to Bulgaria will probably be connected with a stay on the Black Sea on the eastern frontier of the state. If the plan is to spend a week in the Balkan land during the winter, so logically the focus will turn to the mountain resorts on the southwest. The swap wouldn’t be so dramatic if you choose to relax in the Rhodopes in August… well, there wouldn’t be much to do in Pomorie, for instance, in January. But still Bulgaria worth the travel every season – in the spring you will see flowers all around, in the autumn you might catch a rainy weather indeed but the colors of the trees and the fresh taste of the new wine will warm your heart.

But first…prior continuing reading all the rest, just watch THIS video that was made for Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Isn’t it lovely? <3



“Hey, it’s summer – send us to the beach”


Alright, if you turn your attention to Bulgaria after hearing that on the Black Sea there are the cheap holiday places – the information is right. You might have heard that the Sunny Beach vacation top the ranking of the best-valued choice for the summer around the globe. Oh, you didn’t know about that? Check the survey conducted by Post Office in 2017. It might be your destination, or it might turn out that other resorts will suit you better for an enjoyable holiday experience. The opportunities are so many that it looks like uneasy quest to give one simple advice. But let’s try to deliver some basic heads-up.

Bulgarian beaches

Pick a resort located near the airport. If your travel to Bulgaria stops at a place in the southern part of the coastline – then book a flight to Bourgas. In the case of reservation to the north on the Black Sea – a vacation at the Golden Sands, for instance, you will need to land in Varna. Messing up with the airports might ruin the trip from the start because it will cause a much longer time for the transfer. If you consider flying to Sofia when planning the cheap holidays to Bulgaria, better think once again – the capital city stands 350 km away from the beach at the closest point and you will need 4 hours at least to reach the sea. Booking a flight to Sofia anyway makes sense in the case of holidays purposed to mix the joy of the beach with the relaxation in the mountain. Or if you plan the travel to Bulgaria in the winter – the distance from the biggest city to the skiing resorts is significantly shorter than to the beach.


The Black Sea welcomes from late-May to mid-September



It might last a little longer or a little shorter but all in all this is the time frame appropriate to embark on package holidays to Bulgaria. Located north of Mediterranean basin, the Balkans shouldn’t be picked for a beach stay in April or in October as it is possible to happen in Greece or Malta, for example. But most of the people opt for summer holidays between June 1st and August 31st and taking this into account, in Bulgaria weather conditions are favorable for the hottest quarter of the year. The peak is in July when the average temperature on the Black Sea, especially south of Stara Planina (or Balkan – the mountain after which the whole region was named), hold a level above 25 degrees Celsius. And it feels even hotter so don’t forget the sun protection and do not spend too much time on the beach around noon to avoid sunburns.


Speaking of Bulgaria, weather conditions are predictable but still, there are some days with stronger winds and higher waves when it isn’t recommended to dive into the sea – it might be even life-threatening. Easy on, such occasions do not happen often and last for two or three days the most so in a case of a bad luck the rain wouldn’t ruin your whole vacation.


Make the budget holiday even cheaper


The prices for accommodation which are much smaller than the numbers even for the countries in the region like Greece, Turkey, or Croatia. The hotel charges available in Nessebar are impossible to find in Dubrovnik or Paralia Katherini, to name some of the closer destinations. If your agenda is to spend as less as possible during your stay, especially if the plan includes the travel to Bulgaria with the family, then it is recommended to book some of the all-inclusive hotels on the Black Sea. Have in mind that booking package holidays to Bulgaria might cost you 350 GBP per person for a whole week with all food included. The price varies and depends on the resort and the airport you fly from – find your perfect match here by trying different option changing the name of the resort and the preferable dates. There are cheap holiday places in the half-board branch and actually, the least you need to spend on accommodation is when you choose the self-catering but don’t forget that with this type of reservation you will have no meal included in the deal.


There is more than the beach in the summer


It has been told already that the travel to Bulgaria opens a wide spectrum of possibilities not only in the calendar but in the variety of the places to visit or things to do. Wishing to enjoy a seaside holiday and combine it a cultural experience makes Nessebar the most appropriate town to book a room if you don’t feel like riding a lot in the country. If your agenda is to have fun near the sea with your feet in the stand, the Sunny Beach vacation goes on the top of the list of opportunities. Looking for a more secluded yet classy destination means you can pick Golden Sands embraced by the beautiful natural park bearing the same name. And there are great places to visit with no more than a one-hour drive like the town of Balchik or Cape Kaliakra.

Bulgaria- Plovdiv old town

Picking a resort near the airport – the advice given to you up in this very article gives you another opportunity. Varna and Bourgas have regular flights whole summer long and the place where the planes land and take off are located actually pretty close to the biggest cities on the western coast of the Black Sea. These places, however, are not as busy as Sofia is so spending the day in and around the seaside garden of Bourgas or visiting the Dolphinarium and other sightseeing points in Varna is not only an option – it’s a must-do activity if you think of travel to Bulgaria.


Travel around the country… avoid the trains


Embarking on cheap holidays to Bulgaria might include combined experience in the mountains and on the sea. Of course, it will take more planning and probably more money than the beach vacation alone, the numbers and the weight will increase too, perhaps. But organizing on a strict schedule will make it not plausible but obtainable. Another heads-up – if you wish to trip around the country, better skip the railroad system. The train cars are old and not really clean but what is even more annoying is the high probability for you to be late or the journey to last hours above what is scheduled.

Bulgarian mountains

The bus network, on the other hand, is regular and reliable. It’s a bugger that you can’t buy a ticket online, still, you can ask your tour agency for support in that case. Just have in mind that the trip from the western lands around Sofia to the sea takes at least five hours or more. There will be probably odd things you are not used to during your travel to Bulgaria but the adventure worth it.


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