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Bulgaria adds Borovets ski map to the Olympic bid

Three times candidate with zero success – this conclusion applies to Bulgaria speaking of Winter Olympic bids. The Balkan country participated in the competition to be the host of 1992, 1994, and 2014 games held under the five circles and failed every time. And still, Bulgaria is not giving up – a few weeks ago the government stated that another bid is on the way but this time for the Youth Winter Olympics in 2024. Once again Sofia is designed to be the host city, but the existing infrastructure of the nearby Vitosha Mountain would not be enough for all the competition. That’s why the organizing committee looks a bit further away to the Borovets ski map which will be added to the bid to increase the chances.


The resort stands just 70 km away from Sofia

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The distance from the state’s capital to the oldest winter resort in the land is so close that you can reach drive from Sofia and ski Borovets slopes just one hour later. Last time when Bulgaria applied for the Winter Olympics Bansko was included in the plan. And since the Pirin Mountain zone is within reach for three hours at best, this combination also played a part for the lack of success. While Vitosha is still thought to be the main area for ski, Borovets in 2024 is planned to host the biathlon and cross-country skiing competitions – the Rila Mountain complex has all the facilities for the matter. The ski jumping might be a part of the agenda, but for now, there is no ramp on the Borovets ski map to be used for the purpose.

Those who book Borovets ski holidays this winter will have the chance to see that the area has gone a long way into the direction of the successful development. The network of Alpine type tracks and cross country trails combines for the largest total in the country with a summed length of 93 km. There is a history of international competitions carried on the slopes of the Rila Mountain resort. Some of the brightest winter sports stars showed their skills when it comes to ski Borovets slopes or trails. The all-time Number One Bulgarian Alpine skier – Petar Popangelov, is a native from the nearby town of Samokov and is still largely connected to the place. Actually, Borovets webcam system will show you one of the pistes in the zone named after him.


You don’t have to be a pro to ski Borovets zone

winter holidays in bulagriaYou don’t even have to have any experience at all. Being a total rookie is perfectly fine indeed. The most traditional winter resort in the country boasts of coming up with the leading ski schools in the region and numerous awards won by clubs and individual tutors show this clear enough. Tracks of varying difficulty are spread around the Borovets ski map. Only the experts feel confident on the Black type slopes. Markudjika 2A, Fonfon, and Martinovi Baraki 4 are the code names for the pro-racers. The Green kind is designed for the absolute beginners – if you look on the webcam, Borovets has some of these easy runs located in the main resort. So, the first lessons will happen at some of the prominent hotels’ backyards.

Checking the deals for Borovets ski holidays, it is out of doubt that the first-timers pack stands out as a fantastic option. Pre-booked through the service of the most trusted tour agency in the region Balkan Holidays the rookie pack sells out for only 178 GBP per person in the high season including the lift pass, the boot & ski hire, and the tuition for 6 days! Bringing your child/children there it will cost even less, and if you have kids younger than 12, there is a realistic chance for your offspring to return for the Youth Winter Olympics in 2024! Well, it will be a long shot to bet on this, but the dream might not be that far out of reach!


What if the winter turns to be milder?


Yes, this is something every skier and snowboarder is aware and afraid of when the booking is made well up in advance. Usually, the window to reserve Borovets ski holidays is wide enough. The season lasts from three months in the worst case scenario (early-December till late-February) to four and a half months (up until mid-April) in the ultimate winter for the snow sports people. The highest runs found on the Borovets ski map are set over 2300 m above the sea level, and the “powder” holds on for longer. The Markudjika group of slopes is the nearest to the mountaintop – Musala, the tallest peak on the Balkans (2925 m). Even if there is no sufficient snowfall, about 200 cannons are prepared to cover the tracks with artificial snow if the average daily temperature is below 0 C.

You might decide to wait until the season starts anyway to be sure what winter is about to come. Following Borovets webcam system and weather reports, you will see if the time is right to embark on a trip to the oldest Bulgarian resort. But have in mind that it might be a little late to book the room for a mid-January vacation the week before the travel. And even if there are vacancies, it is likely to cost you a lot more compared the advanced booking price.

But any deal will be probably cheaper this season than in 5 or 6 years from now on. Whether thanks to the competitions in different disciplines of ski Borovets will receive the honor to host events under the Olympic banner, is still to be confirmed. In the case of Bulgaria being granted the chance to welcome the participants of the Youth Winter Olympics 2024 the value of the resort will rise immensely. It’s pretty suitable for a budget vacation these days so don’t wait until Borovets ski holidays turn out to be the new hit on the market.

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