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  • Here is WHY you should book a vacation to Bansko or Pamporovo,Bulgaria..

Here is WHY you should book a vacation to Bansko or Pamporovo,Bulgaria..

Bansko ski

Which Bulgarian resort wins for a better choice during the winter holidays

Plenty of rankings are available when it comes to talking about the cheapest winter resorts in Europe. And Bulgaria makes it to Top 10 or even Top 5 on every occasion – mostly thanks to the fame of Bansko and Pamporovo. Both places gained fame for being among the most affordable choices for holidays in the snow with an average expense of less than 100 British pounds per day. Sounds like a deal, isn’t it? But which resort to choose from these two if you’re positive to spend a week or more on the slopes of Bulgaria.



Compared to the oldest resort in the country – Borovets, both lose the competition since Bansko and Pamporovohappen to be situated at a much greater distance from Sofia. Landing at the biggest airport in Bulgaria, you have to be prepared for approximately three hours long ride and not all of it on the highway. Shuttle buses operate from Sofia to both winter centers and if you have booked a room and a flight, it’s rather likely to be offered transportation too. The Pamporovo advantage is the proximity to Plovdiv – the second biggest city in the country has a tiny airport with a limited number of planes landing there on regular basis. But speaking of the snowy season, there are many charter flights reaching there every week. Pamporovo 1, Bansko 0.


Slopes and snow

Snowboarding in Bulgaria

Bansko is the Bulgarian Number One ski resort for a reason – the Pirin mountain area comes up with the biggest combined length of slopes. That 75 km of pistes represent the snowy mileage to beat in the country. And Pamporovo has set the goal to make it by merging with the nearby Mechi Chal resort but for now still gets nowhere near than two-thirds of the tracks in Bansko. Another drawback sets the Rhodopi mountain place behind – the snow melts faster there, especially if the winter happens to be mild. The altitude of slopes in Bansko is higher and the season. The price of the lift pass in Pamporovo is slightly lower but not enough to compensate. Though this one might be counted for two, let’s get it even. Bansko equalizes.


Having the knees-up

In fact, both places are in huge demand when it comes to parties of young people, especially students. But since Bansko has been a town ages before being a resort – the same do not apply to Pamporovo, unsurprisingly more points go to the Pirin mountain jewel. You can go on Bansko for skiing and enjoy the nightlife – bars, and discos work long after midnight, the local pubs with their exceptional food also run till late in the evening. Bansko 2, Pamporovo 1.


Family packs and discounts for the children

Although Bansko provides the biggest number of the “Free Logo” hotels among the top 3 Bulgarian ski resort, Pamporovo seems to be more welcoming for a family hols. In terms of lift passes the Rhodopi mountain expense is lower than the equivalent payment to use the cabin and hit the slopes in Pirin if you go on the snow with your kin. Pamporovo beats the competition by offering family cards for a more flexible duration – from 3 to 9 days, while Bansko put only season tickets for mummy, daddy and a kid on the menu. Two all.


Places to stay

More in Bansko and cheaper in Pamporovo to sum it in a sentence. The difference in the pricing isn’t huge though and the Rhodopi gets packed up faster just because the hotels there are less. The choice in Banko is bigger and actually, there is a whole spectrum of options regarding the fare. You can check it here (www.balkanholidays.co.uk) if you don’t believe it. Bansko scores the winner in the extra-time.

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