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bansko bulgaria ski holidays 2018

11 Undeniable Reasons to name Bansko, Bulgaria a Favorite Winter Destination

We can talk and write for hours about Bansko, Bulgaria but you don’t the round-clock long story to convince you that the place has what it takes to be a favorite winter destination. Here follow 12 undeniable reasons to prove that theory is right and every paragraph can be easily transformed into an hour-long narrative. But let’s get it a little shorter.

  1. It is hard to find cheaper accommodation


Apartments Belvedere Holiday Club 2018

Apartments Belvedere Holiday Club, Bansko, Bulgaria

If you are not of those 5 or 10 percent of the wealthiest travelers, the budget is always something you have in mind. Well, the listings provided by Balkan Holidays for Bansko ski resort are hard to beat on a continental or even global level. The winter complex set in Pirin Mountain led the ranks of the most affordable winter destinations for seven years in a row before it was replaced only last year. And even then it is cheap enough concerning accommodation. Bed & Breakfast for 300 GBP per person for a week in a 3-star hotel – is that good to make you think of booking Bansko, Bulgaria.


  1. The prices are lower for everything compared to Western Europe


Eastern Europe attracts people from the West mainly because the holidays are cheaper there, regardless if you mean summer or winter. Many local people would tell that Bansko ski resort is among the expensive options in the country. But for anyone coming from Great Britain, or Belgium, or Russia the prices in the café or the restaurant hold a significantly lower level than anywhere in Germany, Switzerland, or France. You can have a three-course lunch with a pint of beer or a glass of wine for about 15 GBP. The pub around the main piste named after Alberto Tomba is affordable for any westerner and that is why more and more people come here every winter.


  1. Lift passes to deliver a great deal of value


Detailed research around Europe might show that speaking of the daily pass for ski, Bansko is not the cheapest on the continent – there are some places in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, or even Bulgaria where the lift will cost a little bit less than 27 GBP. It was the fee of one day card in Bansko, Bulgaria in the recent seasons and it is not about to change significantly for the 2018/19 campaign if it changes at all. The high value of Bansko skiing deal comes with the purchase of 6-day pass – an adult pays just 112 Pounds to be granted the access on the slopes for a whole week. The full ski pack for 169 GBP was the best value for most of the foreign visitors since it included not only the lift card but also the equipment hire and the ski tuition.


  1. A family winter vacation will not weigh heavily on the budget


Besides the fact that lift pass for the children younger than 12 cost is almost half the price of the adult card, other tips point to Bansko ski resort as a highly suitable destination for “mama, papa and the kids” type of holidays. Some hotels offer the option for a free child place or at least there is a substantial discount on the price of the accommodation if it is booked for two or more minors in the group. A special offer available only through Balkan Holidays grants free access to the Junior Ski Club for one child in the age span between 4 and 7 and another in the 7-11 age if both parents pre-book some package deals like the Full Ski/Board Pack or the First Time Ski/Board.


  1. The newbies are welcome. The pro skiers too.


bansko skiingA quick look at the categorization of the slopes located in the area of Bansko ski resort leaves the expression that it is the middle of the road type of winter destination. Generally, it is true that in the most prominent snow sports zone in Pirin Mountain is designed mostly for people who have some experience. But it doesn’t mean that rookies are not allowed – there are some easier sections and two light ski paths suitable for the first-timers. The “Bombers” and “Rippers” also have challenges in front when they hit the famous Alberto Tomba track or the slopes right beneath the Todorka peak.


  1. The Alpine World Cup stars will be there. What about you?


Alpine World Cup Bansko 2019

Alpine World Cup Bansko 2019

Another essential and undeniable reason why Bansko, Bulgaria gained a lot of fame in the past decade is the fact that it hosts world level winter sports competitions on a regular basis. In January 2018 the Alberto Tomba track gathered the global elite in snowboarding. For the next three seasons board will be replaced by ski – Bansko was granted the honor to organize events of the Alpine World Cup. The busiest this winter will be 22-24 February when the most prominent Bulgarian winter complex will welcome the best male skiers in the world. Wouldn’t be a thrill to watch Marcel Hirscher, Aksel Lund Svindal, Henrik Kristoffersen, and the other stars of the international circuit live on the spot? Sure, it will. But you have to book early to get a room in the hotel, and a seat on the stands steps away from the finish.


  1. Nature to fall in love with


Pirin Mountain is considered by many of both local and foreign visitors to be the most beautiful Bulgarian range. You will have the chance to see it for yourself – Bansko skiing is excellent not only because of the high quality of the pistes but also because the tracks are set in the embrace of a breathtaking environment. The highest peak of the mountain and the second highest in the country – Vihren (2914 m), is situated not far away from the winter sports area. But in the snowy season, you should be an experienced hiker to climb it. But there is a lot to see around anyway.


  1. A holiday of colors from around the world


Learning the Bulgarian language is not necessary if you plan to ski Bansko slopes. It will help to communicate, but most of the people working at the resort have a decent command of English. In fact, you will hear a broad spectrum of speeches – the town is popular winter destinations not only for British tourists, but also for Russian visitors as well as for Balkan travelers from Greece, Turkey, and Romania. So the resort will give you the chance to meet people from around the world and to have fun together.


  1. But what if you are more interested in the local customs?


Well, that’s the place. Before it started to be more famous as Bansko ski resort, it was known to Bulgarian tourists for its strong local traditions. A significant part of the heritage is brought up from centuries back in time to our days by folklore music and forms of art, customs, craftsmanship, especially woodcarving in this region. And while nowadays the town is a mix of different types of architecture, the old style is still present. Even in a crowded resort like Bansko, Bulgaria some alleys and corners still bear the scent of the long gone days.


  1. The local cuisine will make you taste more and more


bulgarian food in bansko bulgariaSome would say that the best way to know a particular place or a culture is to enjoy the food. Except for being a highly suitable choice if you want to ski, Bansko is proud to have some of the most influential culinary traditions in Bulgaria. Dishes like “Kapama” or “Chomlek” have been associated with the name of the town for a long time and except for local people, most of the travelers – both Bulgarian and foreign – love to taste it every time they visit the place. It might also “Banski Starets” or “Katino meze.” These are all meat specialties, but what about the veggies, is there some local meal to their diet in Bansko, Bulgaria? The choice is not that broad indeed, and still, there are options like “Kombari s kazhel” (potatoes with sauerkraut) or a beans stew.


  1. After the thrilling day comes the booming night


As exciting as Bansko skiing can be, so does that little town nightlife. The resort has been a favorite destination for fun and celebrations in the country for decades now. And since Bansko ski resort operates actively as a zone for winter sports, the guests from abroad find that there is more to do when it’s dark except for taking a rest in the hotel room. Several bars and disco clubs are open late in the night and often shut their doors just before dawn. The popular choices for après-ski have funny names for the purpose like No Name or Amnesia. There is a Buddha Bar that is not really about meditation. Dancing, karaoke singing, loud rock club cover bands, subtle lounge bars – you can find it all in Bansko, Bulgaria. Well, it might be a little tough to hit the slopes the next day after a whole night out so don’t get over-excited.

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