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Here is WHY you should book a vacation to Bansko or Pamporovo,Bulgaria..

Which Bulgarian resort wins for a better choice during the winter holidays Plenty of rankings are available when it comes to talking about the cheapest winter resorts in Europe. And Bulgaria makes it to Top 10 or even Top 5 on every occasion – mostly thanks to the fame of Bansko and Pamporovo. Both places gained […]

family ski vacation in pamporovo bulgaria

Pamporovo Ski Resort 2018: The benefits of the winter break

You can sing the name of the place. Pamporovo – don’t you hear the drums and the chants? You can spend all week long on the slopes of Rhodopes Mountain and enjoy every minute there under the sun. And in the end, you can leave taking the benefits in every aspect of the winter break. […]

borovets ski map and borovets webcam information

Bulgaria adds Borovets ski map to the Olympic bid

Three times candidate with zero success – this conclusion applies to Bulgaria speaking of Winter Olympic bids. The Balkan country participated in the competition to be the host of 1992, 1994, and 2014 games held under the five circles and failed every time. And still, Bulgaria is not giving up – a few weeks ago […]

bansko bulgaria ski holidays 2018

11 Undeniable Reasons to name Bansko, Bulgaria a Favorite Winter Destination

We can talk and write for hours about Bansko, Bulgaria but you don’t the round-clock long story to convince you that the place has what it takes to be a favorite winter destination. Here follow 12 undeniable reasons to prove that theory is right and every paragraph can be easily transformed into an hour-long narrative. […]

One perfect day of your holiday in Golden Sands

What a perfect holiday would look like? While the description will probably vary from person to person, there will be common elements to unite all or most of the answers. Everyone wants to feel relaxed, to have a rest and enjoy a good meal, to put aside all the headache and turmoil of the daily […]


The flavors of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country of high mountains and wide valleys. A land where East meets the West and it has been so for long, long ages. Bulgaria is a blend of colors and flavors with the power to enchant the unaware visitors with the mixture of different and seemingly unmixable ingredients. The state in the […]

Bulgaria – the land of four seasons for vacation

Seriously, it’s like visiting four different countries but actually, it’s the same land every time of the year. Well, actually if the agenda happens to be the summer break then considering the travel for cheap holidays to Bulgaria will probably be connected with a stay on the Black Sea on the eastern frontier of the […]


How to pack your life into a Carry-on for Nessebar

Carrying the heavy bags for one week vacation during the summer isn’t something inevitable. Actually, the number of light travelers grows substantially in the recent years for a variety of reason – skipping the luggage charges on the flights, easier and faster transfers from one place to another, enjoying more flexible holidays as a whole. […]

Summer Season 2018 at Sunny Beach is almost here! Are you ready?

Sunny Beach 2018 – An ultimate guide [updated]

Sunny Beach 2018 – An ultimate guide [NEW] Being one of the most famed resort on the whole Black Sea coastline – or maybe even THE most popular recently, in the name of Sunny Beach Bulgaria has a place that happens to be a common word for many people in Europe, and for vacationers from […]

Bansko apres ski

The magic of Bansko cuisine and après-ski

      Except for being as renowned as the leading national choice for a ski holiday, Bansko bears the fame as one of the places in Bulgaria preferred for partying and celebration. In fact, that type of acclaim is going much more back in the history than the winter sports hype buzzing around for […]